Helsinki, June 10, 2015

Yesterday I went jogging for 30 minutes, for the first time in almost a year! My pace was slow, but this wasn’t about speed. Neither is it the thought that counts, but the execution.

Yet another thing that comes across as highly illogical – how could anybody in my condition run? Go figure…

The jogging yesterday was a soft-start, I think I ran a little over two miles. There’s no chance on earth, though, that I could walk the same distance. That would result in a tightening pain and dizzyness, and I’d have to abort.

Well, I had pain and dizzyness yesterday, too, but that hit me when I walked to the grocery store after jogging. I wasn’t feeling too well later in the evening, either, but that was expected – overall, I’m happy and surprised that I did so well. No severe repercussions today, either – just a slight dizzyness and tinnitus. Just a trifle, really.

There’s something about monotone excercise and static positions that my body just can’t handle. Jogging flexes the muscles much more than walking, and uses upper body torque in a whole different way. Still being but a faint shadow of my former self, I seem to be able to pick up excercising again, which is great – I dont feel comfortable when I’m forced into a passive state.

And maybe, just maybe, the treatment might show some positive results already! There’s still a long way to go, but tiny progress is nevertheless a step in the right direction. During Spring I wouldn’t even have dared to try running, given the condition I was in back then. Fact is, even tying the laces of my running shoes would have resulted in physical inconvenience.

So right now I take great pleasure in this, and I look forward towards the day when I once again will be able to carry two grocery bags from the counter out to the car in the parking lot without having to spend the rest of my day laying down, loaded with medicine. Baby steps, baby steps.

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